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LOD stands for Level of Detail or Level of Development. It is a term used to describe the precision of a model. Or in our case the detail of development in a project. The majority of our models for online content is between LOD3 & 4.

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3D optimisation is the process of reducing the file size of a 3D  model.

Not all 3D models are the same. Levels of detail (LOD), file sizes, poly counts are hugely important. Visual quality and detail help to represent your product to it’s best in all its forms.

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Model & Texture Optimisation

3D optimisation is to reduce the overall polygon count. This reduces the overall file size making download times considerably faster with less data usage.

Texture optimisation is also a fundamental consideration. The smaller the texture the better. This will allow for quick loading times.

Why does 3D optimisation matters?

Optimisation of 3D models is crucial to AR and web-based 3D experiences. Without small optimized 3D models, AR wouldn’t be possible. WE believe that model optimisation is a crucial part of maintaining a great user experience. Load time affect the fell of your retail store. 

In e-commerce, load times of images and models are everything. Prohibitive load times can result in lost revenue, according to Shopify.

Optimisation becomes increasingly more important when your consumers are viewing your site via a mobile device. Mobile is projected to make up a considerably larger percentage of e-commerce sales in 2022.


To find out more about how MODE can help you optimise your 3D products, schedule a demo.

Free Model Evaluation

A well-considered and strategic approach to your 3D collateral, it’s usage and its applications can open up a world of opportunity. The appetite for 3D collateral continues to grow and we can offer you a greater understanding of your 3D models and their usability.

So what does our free model evaluation include?

We take a small sample of your 3D models and give you a fully comprehensive breakdown, demonstrating their limitations and effectiveness and usability. Then we can help you to refine your 3D downloads and make them work for you.

+ Are you offering the correct file types?

+ Are they fit for purpose?

+ Do they need optimising?

+ Are they mapped correctly?

+ Are the poly counts appropriate?