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3D Configurators, 3D Viewers, Interactive Virtual Photography & Augmented Reality

3D Configurators

Sleep Village

Sleep Village, we understand the importance of a comfortable and stylish bed. That is why they provide customers with a wide range of beautifully designed beds for homes. Whether you’re looking for a traditional wooden frame or a modern upholstered option, we have a bed to suit your preferences.

Scale: William Hands

“It has been a pleasure working with the team at William Hands. We have worked alongside their design team to realize and develop the “Scale” configurator. It was an informative experience and a useful tool.”

Frankford Umbrellas

The client, Frankford Umbrellas, wanted a dynamic and comprehensive configurator system to help their customers create and view a limitless number of design options. The sheer scale of the system cannot be underestimated. How was this achievable? It’s the UI & UX. MCG has created a customer journey that rivals any configurator system out there. In addition, the CMS and design management system make this platform a very powerful and useful resource.

Gordon Russell

Gordon Russell requested a new brand identity and website design. Combining our CGI, Creative and 3D Online services, we used our 3D skills and the latest technologies to produce an inspirational and lucrative platform. Our all-in-one eCommerce 3D package utilises the very best in photoreal CGI, online 3D configurators, and seamless integration into the biggest eCommerce platforms

Mobili: Shelving Configurator

Introducing our new storage configurator! Create your own personalized storage solution with millions of configurations to choose from. Our user-friendly interface and wide range of storage options make customisation a breeze. Say goodbye to generic solutions and welcome the power of customisation!

Tela Italian Furniture

Tela provides Italian luxury furniture to any home. Their exquisite furniture is meticulously handcrafted by artisanal Italian Furniture Masters. Utilising our e-commerce, interactive and creative services we designed a new brand identity. This included a logo design, digital design and configurators.

Platform: WooCommerce

Boss At Home

Boss At Home provides beautifully designed and sustainably made furniture for the home. With the increase in home working due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Boss Design decided to offer a range of B2C products. Working alongside ‘We Are Adaptable’, we introduced configurable 3D model viewers that require no downloads and links seamlessly in any eCommerce platform.

Pro Domes Configurator

Working with the company owners to integrate this impressive 3d Configurator that connected seamlessly into their existing eCommerce platform.

Platform: Shopify


FC Leather is a manufacturer of custom leather belts and keychains, offering coordinated sets and personaliSed leather goods. They engaged us to redesign their brand identity and website, and integrate 3D imaging, modeling, and configurators to showcase their product customiSation options to customers.

a computer monitor with a desk and a table

Bench Desking: Staverton

The 3D e-commerce configurator for desking systems offers personalised customisation, empowering users to visualize and customise their distinct setups, thereby enhancing engagement, satisfaction, and confidence in their buying choices.

Hoody Configurator

A 3D e-commerce configurator for hoody design offers personalised customisation, allowing customers to visualize and customise their own unique designs, enhancing engagement, satisfaction, and purchase confidence.

a 3d configurator with a hoodie on it
a computer screen with a picture of a bench

X-Crost Table

A table configurator revolutionises the online shopping experience by offering discerning consumers the ability to personalise their furniture, envision diverse options, and ensure an impeccable fit for their space, thereby elevating satisfaction and instilling confidence in their purchasing decisions.

Aircraft Hanger

The aircraft hangar modular building configurator provides sophisticated customisation options, enabling users to design tailored structures that meet their specific needs, optimizing functionality, efficiency, and aesthetics for aviation enthusiasts.

a computer screen showing a building

3D Product Viewers

Mesoa For Men

Shopify has shown visitors that who have interacted with a 3D model are 44% more likely to add a product to their cart, and 27% of visitors are more likely to complete their purchase. When visitors view a product using augmented reality, they become 65% more likely to make a purchase.

Mesoa for Men approached us to create 3D viewers for their online store. We developed 3D models of their products which allows customers to view the products in 360 for a fully engaging shopping experience.

3D Product Viewer
360 black 00255 745x1024 745x1024 1

LID Helmet

LID Helmet approached DoDA to produce a series of animations, interactive experiences, and configurators. This innovative cycle helmet gave us the chance to shine and to showcase our skills perfectly. We transformed their static imagery into something memorable. LID gave us their production level 3D models and we did the rest.

The configurator allows customers to view the cycle helmet from any angle, as well as selecting a colour and finish of their choice. Our 3D artists ensure their work appears as realistic as possible in order to help customers make an informed decision before purchasing. Using the latest in WebGL technology, the results are inspirational. Accessible on any device, our 3D viewers require no downloads or plugins. The integration is seamless.

Bug For Men

Bug for Men approached us to create an online store selling their brand new skincare and makeup range for men. Carl and his team are on a mission to break the stigma of men using makeup products. Our 3D Viewers are the perfect addition to their online presence.

Tinted Moisturiser 1
interactive virtual photography teeth


Product imagery, interactive 3d product viewer.

Fact: shopify has shown that visitors that have interacted with a 3d model were 44% more likely to add a product to their cart and 27% were more likely to complete their purchase. When visitors viewed their product using augmented reality, they become 65% more likely to make a purchase.

Interactive Virtual Photography

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Moose Teddy - CGI

Another great example of our Interactive Virtual Photography and interactivity.

Operators Chair Info Animation

We created this perfectly timed and considered animation. This can sit seamlessly into any store to illustrate the product features.

chair ani mode 1.mp4 low

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Apple Watch - CGI

Another great example of our Interactive Virtual Photography and interactivity.

Sports Trainer - CGI

Another great example of our Interactive Virtual Photography and interactivity.

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