Fast, Responsive, immersive & totally engaging

MODE is compatible with multiple devices so your customers can configure your products from a desktop,laptop, tablet or mobile phone, at home, in-store or anywhere else. It’s a dynamic system designed for your customers. A great tool for specifiers, procurers and designers. Mode allows you to offer a comprehensive configuration tool, generate enquiries, and inspire your customers.

The MODE engine generates high definition visuals

With MODE your products will always look their best. Our photo-realistic product visualization technology lets you apply colors, textures, logos, pictures, and perfotext. MODE also supports multiple product views and includes a zoom feature, auto-rotate and a range of hero shots.

Quality database of Fabrics

At the heart of Mode is a database of fabrics from the most renowned fabric houses, always up to date and always ready to be applied to the 3D version of your product. Mode also provides a platform for Fabric houses to engage with the user and the manufacturer, with features such as “Fabric of the month” and new range launches currently under development. Fabric choice analytics will also be available in the second release of Mode.


Mode is all about threes. Its built using robust technologies of HTML Using the latest html gives us an unlimited number of e-commerce and user interface solutions. Dynamic pricing, Intuitive design, Highly accessable DATABASE Always up to date, Thousands of fabrics, Affiliations with the most renowned fabric houses, The result? There’s literally millions (or sometimes billions) of ways of configuring a product. 3D Mobile friendly, Dynamic performance, Quick loading, Engaging features, Highly Accessible, HD Resolution, High quality 3D models, High quality visualisation