Now that your decided to use Mode or your thinking of using Mode here’s a quick guide to help you.

Configurator Terminology and Inclusions:

Set Up Fee

Fee to setup up your account with our configurator team. To be included:
Access server space
Create all of the finishes libraries
Making the textures seamless and repeatable, format them and optimise their file size.
Setup hero shots
Create high-level shadows & bakes for floor
Implement Save Image Feature.
Implement backdrop colour from UI design.
Set Up custom tabs for each configurator included in the 10 configurators within the tariff.
Access to our online model signoff platform

Monthly Subscription, Minimum 12 Month Period

To be included in your monthly subscription:
Ongoing UX refinement
Ongoing troubleshooting
Inclusion of current features: Auto Rotate, Zoom, Hero Shots, Image Save, Light / Dark Backgrounds
New features as they become available. We have a comprehensive development plan for Mode. i.e. downloadable content for customers, any colour backdrop and many more

Monthly Maintenance

To be included in your monthly maintenance:
Maintain browser compatibility.
Allows a limited number of predetermined changes to the finishes library per month. Limitations will apply.
Server hosting space
Ongoing troubleshooting
Support from our tech team.

Interchangeable Component

Each configurable element is classed as an interchangeable component (IC) i.e. apertures, panelling, locks, unit widths, we charge to set up the model to access each IC.
Colour options will be included as part of the UI design.

UI & UX Design

Scope, design and develop the user interface (ui) and user experience (ux), Create a visual look and feel for all configurators and include and understand any future considerations.
Particular emphasis and understanding of brand alignment.
Work with the coders and programmers to implement the UI.
A period of testing and adjustment of the UI & UX are included in this fee.

Model Formats

IGES, Obj, FBX, STL These are perfect our modelling team who will prepare them. We will advise you on the modelling and preparation phase once we have decided to work together. As there is a considerable amount of IP which we wish to protect and share with our partners once all of the terms and conditions are agreed.

Website Integration

We will supply you with a responsive iframe. Typically sits within 100% wide container. Height will be subject to UI. Ratio 16:9 typically. Subject to UI Design

The configurator will be for desktop and tablets only. Mobile devices do not come compatible as standard

Website Integration:

We will supply you with a responsive iframe code. This sits within 100% wide container on your website. Height will be subject to UI. Ratio 16:9 typically. Subject to UI Design.

We recommend the following requirements for the best configurator experience:
Screen Resolution of 1024 x 720 pixels or higher in a landscape orientation.
Viewing the page through the Google Chrome web browser.
Using a desktop PC or laptop.

Your in safe hands.

We hope this helps you to understand the process a little more. Don’t worry to much our team will help you through every stage. We do the hard work.

Useful Contacts:

Technical Support

[email protected]

General Inquiries:

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