Now that your decided to use Mode or your thinking of using Mode here’s a quick guide to help you.

Set Up Fee. What does our setup fee include?

Access and setup our server space for your configurators.
Access to our online model signoff platform.
Finishes library: Making our textures and finishes compatible with Mode. Seamless, repeatable and to scale, correct file formats and finally optimising their file size.
Setup hero shots: The best three camera angles for each configurator that show off your products.
Create highly detailed shadows. This is a crucial part of the optimsation process and creating a sophistacted look.
Implement the “Save Image Feature”
Prepare and add your brand. i.e. Logo
Set Up custom tabs for each configurator.

Monthly Subscription: (Optional)What’s included?

Our subscription plan is based on a minimum term of 12 months, with a 3 month notice period to terminate.
Ongoing UI & UX refinement.
Ongoing troubleshooting. We want to make sure your configurators are always working.
Discounted New Configurator Costs
Inclusion of current features: Auto Rotate, Zoom, Hero Shots, Image Save, Light / Dark Backgrounds.
New features as they become available. We have a comprehensive development paln for Mode. i.e. downloadable content for customers, any colour backdrop and many more. Read more…

Allows a limited number of predetermined changes to the finishes library per month. Limitations will apply.

Monthly Maintenance: (Required) What’s included?

Maintain browser compatibility.
Server hosting space.
Ongoing troubleshooting. We want to make sure your configurators are always working.
Support from our tech team.

Useful Terminology:

Interchangeable Elements (IC):

Each configurable element is classed as an interchangeable component (IC) i.e. arms, head rests, bases.

Additional Configurators (AC):

Additional configurators are added as and when you require. We charge for each additional configurator.

Configurable Elements (CE)

These are the elements which are only affected by finishes. i.e. seat pad, legs etc.

Additional Features (AF)

.ie Animations

User Interface (UI)

User Experience (UX)

Model Formats:

IGES, Obj, FBX, These are perfect file types for our modelling team. Who will prepare them and optimise them for Mode. Not all models supplied are suitable. The key factors are ploy count, mapping, optimisation and more importantly do they represent your product? Don’t worry our team can help you. Read More…

Finishes & textures:

jpgs Formats
150mm x 150mm real world scale, appox
Pixel size 256 x 256 dpi 72
As small a digital file size as possible
Seamless and tillable.
Correct naming as per decription and codes.

Website Integration:

We will supply you with a responsive iframe code. This sits within 100% wide container on your website. Height will be subject to UI. Ratio 16:9 typically. Subject to UI Design.

We recommend the following requirements for the best configurator experience:
Screen Resolution of 1024 x 720 pixels or higher in a landscape orientation.
Viewing the page through the Google Chrome web browser.
Using a desktop PC or laptop.

Your in safe hands.

We hope this helps you to understand the process a little more. Don’t worry to much our team will help you through every stage. We do the hard work.

Useful Contacts:

Technical Support

[email protected]

General Inquiries:

[email protected]