Credentials Portfolio

We have invested, created and developed an off the shelf configurator platform so you don’t have to. All of the hard work has been done. Our platform is the most cost-effective way of getting a great looking configurator on your website. Its design is easy to use and connects to most eCommerce platforms. Our realtime cgi, lighting, and materials makes Mode one of the best looking platforms there is.

LID, The Story

Introducing the Plico folding urban bike helmet. Our brief was to produce a series of animations, interactive experiences, and configurators. This innovative cycle helmet gave us the chance to shine. When we were approached by LID we knew this was the perfect project to showcase our skills. The Custom UI was to be simple and easy to use

Mac & Wood

This sample illustrates the cost for the X-Crost Table Range. Based on 5 tables sizes types with 4 additional interchangeable elements (Table top sizes. The cost are based on a new customer and an existing customer wanting to add an additional configurator.