Boss At Home

Boss atHome is designed to embody the new ways we live and work, crafting beautifully designed, sustainable furniture in the UK. Boss is known for selling commercially and have redefined how commercial and hospitality interiors work, now they have opened up their product range to a residential audience.

A complete responsive
& interactive solution

With their new online venture, a Shopify store was created giving Boss atHome its own presence with eCommerce functionality. We supposed Boss atHome by providing them with a custom configurator for a selection of their products.

Giving their customers the ultimate eCommerce experience, we integrated Mode Configurator into their Shopify store giving their customers the ability to configure their chosen product in real time. Mode configurator allows product variables to be brought to life with the added functions of rotations so the product can be seen from all potential angles.  

Our Mode configurator has been seamlessly integrated into their online store and has been set up to be fully responsive – so the products can be configured and on all devices.