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* One off cost for a period for 6 months ** Also covers to reimplement an exsisting model *** On/off arms, leg option, on/off headrest, etc The above prices do not include for model creation, only to optimise and prepare models supplied to MODE and only after a thorough evaluation. If there are no models available then please consider our MODE modelling services. MODE requires low level polygon models and specific preparation, not all models are suitable and require adjusting and optimising.

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Can I connect MODE with my e-commerce?

Yes. MODE can be connected with Magento CE and WooCommerce. We can also do custom integrations to any e-commerce platform, we just need to talk that through.

Can I use my own domain name?

Yes. MODE can be easily integrated within your own web site or online store.

Can I change my add ons at anytime?

Yes. you can upgrade your plan anytime, and downgrade your plan at the end of your contract period

Can I cancel my account anytime?

Subscriptions are sold on contract periods and cancellation can only happen at the end of a contract period.

Is there a setup fee?

It depends which tariff you choose and the complexity of the products you decide to configure ( please see the Mode rate-card).

Can i choose which fabrics my product is available in?

Yes, our fabric data base is organised into fabric house with sub catagories that enable the right selection for you.

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